In this brief I have been given the opportunity to watch, observe and critique the aspect of social shopping in our everyday lives. My role as a designer is to observe moments of friction between people in this context and understand how I can make a simple change in order to divert some of these issues. Through research I was able to underline these core design opportunities and evaluate the scope to eradicate the probelms they present. 
In the end my soloution was to create a shopping experiance that children could easily relate to. Much like the way in which tresure hunts work the children would be given a weekly activity sheet including a clues as to where the rewards would be throughout the store. These rewards took the form of stickers and allowed the children to be entertained as well as educated as to where the food they eat atchally comes from.
There is a small project zine at the bottom that summerizes all of the work done.

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